Who we are

'tharunam' is a not for profit initiative working to address climate change and agriculture crisis which are leading to farmers suicide in Telangana state, India.


To see a nation where people are proud to be a farmer for preserving the nature and feeding the nation.


Our mission is to use food as a medium for social change and make it universally accessible and affordable.


Through Food Literacy programs, 'tharunam' wants to empower Individuals to choose healthy food choices, then there will be scope for natural farming practices and these are cost effective, climate resilient and healthy for farmers and consumers as well. So, our healthy food choices can impact both economical and ecological condition of farmers and that place. Other end understanding the role of farmers in environmental conservation and nation building can help them to overcome societal pressure.

 What is the Problem?

What is the Problem?

During the years 2014-2016, 2,500 farmers committed suicide in Telangana state, India. According to the national crime records bureau (NCRB), financial crisis and societal pressure are two major factors that drives farmers to such drastic measures know more

What is our approach?

'tharunam' wants to address agricultural crisis and climate change which are leading to farmers suicide in India through different level approach, but we started with two interventions. Those are
#Food literacy
#Food literacy
To encourage consumers to demand and farmers to adopt Eco-friendly farming methods
Preserving indigenous farm knowledge and passing it to future generations

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