For schools

The main objective of the food literacy training program is to empower kids about food and its impacts on health, environment and sustainable economy.

Presently, we are offering two models of food literacy training programs in the schools.

i) Food literacy for Environmental education 

It is a one week program where we are empowering students to use food as a medium for environmental education and sustainable food production techniques which are some of the essential skills to have in 21st century.

Age Group: 9-14 yrs

ii) Food literacy for Agro Innovation

It is a twelve days program where we are empowering students  about agro innovation through food literacy skills. Students from the rural India are well aware of real time problems associated farming sector, so there is possibility for Innovation.

The core ideology of ‘tharunam’ is ‘Reconnecting people with Nature’ because this is an important opportunity to address most of contemporary world issues in 21st century.

Age Group: 12-14 yrs


If you are interested and want to conduct these training programs in your school, then please reach us through