For schools

As a part of ‘National Food Literacy Mission’ project, we are reaching schools where students will go through weekly training programs about food literacy to understand the different phases of food production cycle.

Our training curriculum is known as journey in six acts where students will be part of 50 hours of training period to understand the impacts of their food choices on health, environment and sustainable economy.

The main object of this training program is to empowering students about their food choices and mean while they will get knowledge on environmental education and food production techniques. We strongly believes that these are some of the essential skills for everyone to have in 21st century by considering growing population and food security issues on the planet.

Brief introduction of our training curriculum is

Act1: Understanding the food and its sources.

Act2: We are calling this act as soil act where participants can understand the importance of soil and soil health management techniques.

Act3: Also known as seed act where participants can understand the role of the seeds in food production.

Act4: It is also known as plant act where participants can understand the ecological footprint of the food and plant health management techniques.

Act5: This act is all about local food knowledge to address malnutrition and obesity issues.

Act6: We will setup seed bank in the school and also preserve the stories of those seeds what they collected.

If you want to know more about our curriculum or If you like to start food literacy training in your school, please reach us