National Food Literacy Mission

National Food Literacy Mission is one of the flagship projects of ‘tharunam’ to use food as a medium to address agricultural crisis and climate change which are leading to farmers’ suicide in India.

What is food literacy?

Food literacy is known as understanding the impacts of our food choices and food production cycle on health, environment and sustainable economy.

How it will work?

There are different strategies to achieve food literacy in India but we started working with school children and farmers in beginning.

Food literacy is such an integrated approach where we can tackle different issues at a time. Imagine a scenario where consumers started demanding healthy food from the market. Whenever, we have a demand for healthy food that can create healthy pressure on farmers to adopt natural farming methods. Natural farming methods are always cost effective and reduce of health risks of the farmers as well. So, the indirectly, our daily food habits can cut down financial burden on farmers. Other side, various food demand can encourage farmers to go for crop diversification. Crop diversification can reduce pest attacks as well contribute to the bio diversity by attracting beneficial insects.

In other scenario, when everyone starts understanding the role of farmers in environmental conservation and food security, it can help to tackle societal pressure on farmers. Financial problems and societal pressure are some of the root causes for farmers’ suicide in India. So, as an individual, everyone of us can impact ecology and economy either by eating or growing healthy food.