Teach For Farmer

Teach for farmer is another project of ‘tharunam’ to work for digital empowerment of farmers. Now a days, Young minds are coming forward to tackle agricultural crisis with the help of internet of things. This is the welcoming move, but the lack of awareness among farmers about digital services are keeping them out from revolutionary digital benefits.

Other side it is also becoming the financial burden on agri innovators to run digital products without customers. To address this gap, we are coming up with different strategies to make farmers as digital literate to utilize digital information, communication and services. Our strategies to achieve digital literacy are

a) Be a mentor: It is a voluntary program to reach farmers with the help of students or individual supporters those who can spend some of their time to help farmers to learn digital tools.

b) Night schools for farmers: We are planning to pilot night schools in the villages with the help of volunteers. We developed a spring board curriculum which can help farmers to understand the needs of digital intervention in farming sector.