Teach For Farmer

Over 60 percentage of the India’s population is directly¬† depending on farming and its allied sectors for livelihood. Farming is such an important sector for India where population mark is going to touch 1.5 Billion in next two decades for food security. The same time complexity of the problems in this sector also growing rapidly and leading to farmers’ suicide.

Imagine a day when internet of things could play a vital role to strengthen farming sector through an effective decision making power. Sounds like dreaming but already many early stage interventions started by many youngsters to address agrarian crisis. It is welcoming move but lack awareness among farmers about digital services kept them away from revolutionary digital benefits.

Other end, it is becoming financial burden on agro innovators to run digital services without customers.

So, we started a project called ‘Teach For Farmers’ to bridge the gap between digital innovation and farming sector by empowering farmers about digital literacy. Our strategies to achieve digital literacy among farmers are

a) Be a mentor: It is a voluntary program to reach farmers with the help of students or individual supporters those who can spend some of their time to help farmers to teach digital skills.

b) Night schools for farmers: We are planning to pilot night schools in the villages with the help of volunteers. We developed a spring board curriculum which can help farmers to understand the needs of digital intervention in farming sector.